Still talk about that loss to Poly

The flights don add up, and from my checking, apparently the only Royal Dutch Airlines non stop out of BHM (Birmingham AL) is KL Flight 2017, a direct flight to KUL Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.That second itinerary you posted is all messed up, plus the obvious error of “None Stop” is telling. On that itinerary KL Flight 6070 is listed as going from BHM to SAN (San Diego), but Flight 6070 actually flies non stop between JFK and AMS (New York Amsterdam). I worked in the airline industry for seven years and flight numbers are locked in stone in the sense that they do not change for a specific route KL Flight 6070 will always be non stop between JFK and AMS the flight number will never be assigned to another route.

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wholesale nfl jerseys Brandon is doing an excellent job bringing Michigan athletics and football in to the 21st century. Under his leadership, Michigan has cut loose an overpaid (cost Michigan 20 Million+ for 13 BCS wins in 3 years ha) coach and made an excellent hire of a progressive minded, yet traditionally based HC in Brady Hoke. Hoke is as a great leader should be, a heck of a recruiter both for his staff but also in the players he is restocking the program with.. wholesale nfl jerseys

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