IndiMinds Uncategorized It canada goose womens uk was like they were going way canada

It canada goose womens uk was like they were going way canada

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Had an NXT debut, New Day on Raw, Becky speech, and setup for a fresh feud with Lacey, Sami return (and heeling it up in a great promo), Taker coming out to a humongous pop, and KOFI AND SETH ARE YOUR GODDAMN CHAMPIONS.

Canada Goose online But no, you want UE debut, you want Roman heel turn, you want Dean to say he’s staying, you want Daniel Bryan to come out and jizz in the ring and wrestle it in a canada goose hybridge uk 5 match. Canada Goose online

Ya know, I know deep down canada goose outlet las vegas that this PPV was probably the best Mania since 30, and probably even better than that. 3 relatively organic stories, leading to 3 wins for the people that the fans actually wanted to win for once. Felt pretty damn cool to see, especially Kofi. Holy shit. Almost cried.

But my god by the time HHH/Batista came on I was wiped. By the time Becky won I just wanted to go to bed. Wish I could’ve enjoyed it more but that show was waaaaay too long.

Razzler1973 9 points submitted 11 hours ago

cheap Canada Goose I think it was the right end to the story, very feel good and let everyone know that you can be midcard for 10 years but hey, work hard and maybe this can be you. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose factory sale It good on so many levels (and they know that tbh) canada goose factory sale

I don think this will be a long reign but it fine. I am sure Bryan has canada goose jacket black friday sale uk absolutely no canada goose store issue with this but I do think his character was getting interesing so I am cool with him getting it back within 1 or 2 uk canada goose jackets PPV cycles (maybe after Saudi seeing as Bryan likely won go)

RawHouse 13 points submitted 8 hours ago

One of the things I enjoyed about this storyline is of course the parallels between Bryan/Kofi moments, and that part of the story. But man, Kofi, X, Big E and Byron told the racial aspect of this story so subtlety and masterfully, that like you said, if you weren looking for it, you may have never noticed, but it was there the whole time.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Unlike most of WWE storylines, they didn overtly bash you over the head with information. Subtlety in storytelling is the one of the KEYS to great uk canada goose sale storytelling. It separates the good from the great. And this was great, I wish more storylines could be like this. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

RawHouse 3 points submitted 8 hours ago

canada goose store The way they turned this feud into Bryan (the former B+ player) against Kofi (the current “B+ player”) was amazing. There were very clear parallels between these two stories and I glad they ran with it. Even injecting Vince and Orton into it to better sell Kofi past as being held down. canada goose store

My favorite line before WM was easily when Kofi simply said “You know what happens next, Daniel.” Because he did know what was gonna happen next. He knew he couldn beat Kofi because he been in that exact same position before and he knew then how bad he wanted it and he knew no one could beat him.

I love when a story is so good, that you already know the ending and it doesn even matter because it just THAT well told. 25 points submitted 16 hours ago

Becky did fine. She will never be a powerhouse wrestler like Charlotte or Ronda. Biggest problem was the match ended canada goose outlets uk abruptly. It needed more “big spots.”

canada goose uk outlet They could gone with a far better table spot, and the match needed weapons used earlier in the feud (kendo sticks and maybe even a crutch). canada goose uk outlet

Charlotte should done another barricade spear or a power bomb through the Spanish announce table to Becky.

There were about three singles matches too many on the card and the main event suffered as a result. By the time they started we were already at seven hours.

It seemed like we never got a chance to breathe, or to take in what was happening, there canada goose discount uk was a lot going on the whole time and none of it was really building up well or telling a story.

They could’ve had a three way showdown with kendo sticks, they could’ve had Ronda attempt to break Becky’s face, they could’ve had way more one on one action between Ronda and Becky at the end, that then led to the roll up. It canada goose womens uk was like they were going way canada goose outlet reviews too fast the whole time.

Edit: with that said I STILL think it was a good

uk canada goose match which is a testament to these 3. I just wanted more, which is a compliment really. uk canada goose

canada goose clearance sale RawHouse 3 points submitted 2 days ago canada goose clearance sale

canada goose Yeah Wrestlemania tix have gradually cheap canada goose just gotten worse. Once I saw that I knew I had to choose NXT last minute over WM. Resellers are honestly cocksuckers canada goose.

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