Two juvenile patients were being treated at the Sky Ridge

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canada goose factory sale Smell (dreams)At times you may experience the sense of smell in your dreams. The smell could be environmental. If there is a strong smell in your sleeping environment, you may perceive it and incorporate it into your dream. The two didn appear to be on law enforcement radar, according to Spurlock.A school resource officer was not assigned to the school, but the school has private security, the sheriff said.Several victims are critical, the sheriff saysEight students were taken to canada goose junior uk local hospitals. Several of the students who were shot are in critical condition, the sheriff said. The youngest victim is 15 years old, he said.Five patients were being treated at Littleton Adventist Hospital in Littleton, hospital spokeswoman Wendy Forbes told CNN in an email.One victim was treated and released from Children Hospital Colorado South Campus in Highlands Ranch, according to Jaime Berg, a canada goose outlet spokeswoman.Two juvenile patients were being treated at the Sky Ridge Medical Center in Lone Tree.Spurlock said the suspects were not injured.The STEM School was placed on a lockdown after the shooting, the Douglas County School District said in a tweet. canada goose factory sale

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