My mom tried to make me feel “femasculated” but it didn work

As such, I see two possibilities: either the moderation bot reads everything as plain text and can identify chat links (simplistic and potentially problematic but hardly unreasonable in principle), or chat links are transmitted as plain text and parsed client side, which would be so wildly inefficient and amateuristic that I would only believe it possible if DE outsourced the entirety of their chat code to a third party, something else I would find hard to believe. In any case, the fact that this happens only reinforces my belief that DE needs to totally overhaul their chat and the moderation thereof, both in terms of bots and the actual humans involved. Using a bot to automatically ban people who say certain restricted words or phrases is embarassingly archaic for anything except spam posts, and the fact that one of the moderators can have the ID “Server” (and allegedly abuse this to troll new players) says to me that these people aren being held to very high standards..

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bikini swimsuit Even as a kid I had already absorbed the message that being a girl is never as good as being a boy. My mom tried to make me feel “femasculated” but it didn work because by doing so, she was actually lifting me up a rung on the social hierarchy. Who wouldn want that?. bikini swimsuit

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