She had the wonderful gift of complete confidence in her right

Kenji Yoshino: For me, it was driven by the experience of being a gay man in the workplace and particularly in academia. Like many other gay people, I overcame the demand to downplay my identity. It evolved from a time when I just wanted to be straight; to passing, which was when I was in the closet; to, by the time I entered the workforce, covering, which is when you admit you have a particular identity but make every effort to downplay it.

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vibrators Her campaigning style was vigorous and outspoken but generally good humoured, and she was usually the first person called upon to give a suitably disgusted reaction to some new televised excess. The fact that her opinions were not shared (or even understood) by substantial sections of the community, never appeared to bother her. She had the wonderful gift of complete confidence in her right to hold the view she did and was brave enough to stand up for what she believed, against a tide of permissiveness which saw TV move from couples always sleeping in twin beds, to full frontal nudity and sex acts (but always dog dildos, of course, ‘in the best possible taste’2).. vibrators

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