IndiMinds Uncategorized Surely this woman has some kind of mental illness or lack of

Surely this woman has some kind of mental illness or lack of

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canada goose uk outlet I don know that I call religion the mental disease in this case. Surely this woman has some kind of mental illness or lack of education or clinically low intelligence that made her susceptible to disordered thinking and aspects of religion just caught on the jagged edges of her thinking. I think religion does a lot of intentional and unintentional harm in this world, but I think any other sufficiently well known, easily recognized social framework would have worked for this woman and it isn unique to religion except in the fact that there are few (if any) other thought frameworks as big as religion.. canada goose uk outlet

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cheap canada goose uk Why does anyone think someone is entitled to a gift, esp after theft? Like, I might buy some candy (thinking small here) with the intent of sharing/giving it to a friend, but if I found out friend already took some of my candy, I probably will eat it all myself and not share/give them any. It not called punishment. I am very suddenly not feeling generous enough to give what I bought with my money to the person who wronged me cheap canada goose uk.

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