He has also been a visiting faculty with the Bombay Stock

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He gained quick recognition in the field of technical analysis due to his knowledge and experience. While working for some of the best broking establishments in India, Mitessh has been regularly invited by TV Channels and business magazines to share his views on stocks and indices and provide share market tips. He has also been a visiting faculty with the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) National Stock Exchange (NSE) on the subject..

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uk canada goose outlet You tell me which is easier to write down: NPO or nothing by mouth Dx or diagnoses STD or sexually transmitted disease CPR or cardiac pulmonary resuscitation qid or four times a day? bid or twice a day. If I wanted to tell doctor: “Patient complaining of pain in abdomen everyday official canada goose outlet and shortness of breath.” it’s a lot simpler writing it this way: Pt c/o pain in abd qd and SOB. See the difference? hope this helps you! ( Full Answer ) uk canada goose outlet.

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