But if she does it more likely to make her bitter than happy

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canada goose uk black friday 96 points submitted 7 hours ago”Men” almost always means “Men who are 8s+”. Those guys have tonnes of options and, statistically speaking, it just highly unlikely canada goose emory parka uk that you the best of those options; so that why he not settling down with you. If these women who are 5s, 6s, 7s actually just took 5 seconds to self reflect and realise how stupid their dating strategy is, then they could adjust their expectations and dramatically increase their chances of being happy. But they don and that why I have absolutely no sympathy for them.And therein lies the problem they face: at that point of their lives they are incapable of being happy with any man they could reasonably get. As young women they had all sorts of external validation, not realizing that it was contingent on Father Time. Girl self esteem is boosted into the stratosphere from the moment they born, and the solid rocket boosters of gynocentrism kick in canada goose black friday deal about the time they put away their first training bra and send it into orbit until their date with The WallTM. But when the music fades and there no longer a place for them on the carousel they suddenly want to “settle down” because now they “know what they want” and are “tired of games.” (How anyone can look at young women and come to the conclusion that they mature faster than young men is a mystery to me. most guys figure out that they not going to get a supermodel before cheap canada goose they pass Algebra 1, while there are hordes of mid 30s women still holding out for their hunky handyman millionaire.)Sure, they could “adjust their expectations and dramatically increase their chances of being happy,” but that would require a degree of introspection they have never, ever canada goose shop uk been expected to possess. It would require them to realize that their self esteem (which has been boosted into geosynchronous orbit by then) is wildly inappropriate for a Plain Jane in her 30s. It would require her to realize that her male peers (the 4s, 5s and 6s she held in contempt her entire life) would be doing her a favor by pairing off with her, since their stock is rising and hers is falling. Yeah. she could come those realizations and act accordingly.But if she does it more likely to make her bitter than happy. And the law says that bitter women may destroy the lives of their husbands and children.theredpillreality 10 points submitted 1 day agoLet not throw the baby out with the bath water, Jordan Peterson has alot of great advice for young men who are struggling to find their purpose or any kind of meaning in their lives, he explains how marriage in the past has definitely been an avenue for many men to take as alot of men in the past derived much of their meaning in life from being responsible for their own family.I don think you entirely getting the point of what he is saying, I don think what he is saying is that marriage is the only route to lasting happiness and success, I think he pointing out that in the past that was how many men found meaning in their lives but now days the game has changed and with the introduction of birth control it certainly skews the way we look at relationships now and it also opens the door for a great deal of undesired byproducts such as increased female promiscuity and hypergamy as well as a huge increase in the rate of infection of STDs and children born to single mothers and society in general has glorified canada goose victoria uk the single mother and research has shown that children tend to do better in all aspects of life when they have both of their parents in their lives and when they are positive role models.I think to just pin him as a tradcuck for pointing these things out is an uneducated view point at best and at worst it a big misclassification of who he is and what his ideas truly are saying. If that the only message you took away from his work then I inclined to believe that you haven read much of his work, let alone his two books.His work for the main part goes to say that your life is your responsibility and what you choose to take responsibility for will help to determine your meaning in life, you could choose to be responsible for a family and canada goose rossclair uk find meaning in that like many generations of men before or you can take up a different mantle of responsibility maybe in the form of starting a business and find meaning in your lifes work. But ultimately you have to take responsibility for your own life and discover your meaning through what exactly you choose to be responsible for and that doesn always necessarily mean canada goose uk customer service starting a family and taking care of a wife and kids.Based on your evaluation of him and his work I just don believe you actually have read too much of his work and/or you focusing on one small detail and completely missing the bigger picture he trying to paint here.I upvoting you because this is an important contribution to the discussion, but I have to take issue with the snippet I quoted. That word is slavery.I not trying to be hyperbolic we all slaves to something in the philosophical sense it just a matter of choosing which dominus (or, in the case of modern marriage, domina) to serve, and under what conditions. The conditions canada goose retailers uk of modern western marriage are now openly hostile to men in ways that were not always so.I not debating the fact that marriage is a terrible deal for men, I just arguing that Jordan Peterson isn just simply a tradcuck because of that small detail and that he more uses it as an example of how men in the past found meaning in their lives through adopting that responsibility, but I can acknowledge that while I do agree with a vast majority of what he says, I disagree that marriage now days will give you any kind of meaning unless you canada goose sylvan vest uk like being a wage slave for an entitled woman.lurkerhasarisen 2 points submitted 22 hours agoWe in agreement. The distinction that Peterson doesn make (but you and I did), is that the option of assuming responsibility that was open to men in the past no longer is. I mean.Like you, I agree with Peterson more often than I disagree with him, but some of the things over which I disagree are real doozies.He like Ayn Rand in a way: I find myself nodding along a lot, but when it comes to solutions to the underlying problems I just shake my head. That not to say that the world wouldn be a better place if more people took some of their ideas to heart, but we live in the here and now, and while Utopia is a fun place to visit, you can live there.1 She a redneck, which is okay if that what canada goose t shirt uk you want, but that a pretty small niche market.2 She lives in the middle of nowhere, which means any relationship with her is an LDR.3 She claims to like everything from bonfires to haute cuisine. As a “country gal with a sophisticated streak” she wants her Cowboy Chad to be content with her making him hot dogs while also treating her to 5 star restaurants in the “big city.”4 She snarky. (Why do so many of our Carols think that a good look on them?)5 She a slut. Wholesome farms girls don refer to themselves as “favorite lover” to gain the attention of complete strangers.6 She an alpha widow (her use of the phrase “favorite lover” means that she been Cowboys Chad plate).7 She wants a non religious and politically liberal cowboy. Good luck with that, honey8 Her note about “anger issues” means that she run into that before, probably because she canada goose outlet uk sale been with guys like that before, because she attracted to guys like that canada goose uk black friday.

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