So you have cavernous sinus, superior and inferior petrosal

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A lot can be said about technological advancement, but about a couple of things we can be absolutely sure. First off, the impact of the technological evolution is massive and it has spread throughout the world. Secondly, technology makes a lot of tasks and chores easier for people to complete.

However : One difference is that during a solar eclipse, the moon cannot possibly engulf the entire earth in its umbra all at once, or even during the course of a single eclipse, because as you point out the moon is not nearly large enough. The umbra caused by the moon is a relatively narrow swath of shadow that passes over the surface of the earth. So the total eclipse might happen for you at exactly 12 noon, and for me the eclipse might be observable at 12:30, because I am hundreds of miles away from you, further down the path that the umbra will follow.

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