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canada goose store Please ensure your self promotion is at a reasonable level (below 10%) and seek moderator approval (message us here) before posting any canada goose outlet AMAs. Additionally, we knew we had a small team and a lot to make, so we had to make decisions based on time constraints and workflow efficiency as well. With that in mind, we canada goose outlet boston decided early on to not use textures, and instead to rely on a more geometry centered style; I think this exemplifies our general approach: Using the constraints of the medium to strengthen and inform our stylistic approach instead of trying to hid or avoid them. You can see examples of this canada goose outlet store uk in the dithering we use, the lack of texture work, the reliance on shader animations. canada goose store

Additionally, we knew that players would be able to see objects from all extremes extreme closeups and from canada goose outlet in canada very far away so the style needed to support this range. Surfaces fade to a flat color in the distance to accent the silhouette of objects, and the shading, surface detail, and additional color information fades in when players get closer up. This method treats the background objects like a stylized painting (see: pointillism/impressionism), while presenting players with surface and scale information when they are close enough to actually interact.

There so much more to say, but I think that largely covers the decision making on the canada goose outlet store aesthetic from the perspective of canada goose outlet vip stylistic design and intent.

Thanks so much for the question :)HAHA Yeah, we had a kind of unique experience with that: We had some early ideas that we had to cut for our Kickstarter scope, but we were able to add back in after finding our publisher Aspyr. We had an idea for a demigod and additional planes, relics, and worlds that we were able to add into the project!

Ofc, w always playing around with new and different ideas for what could go in the game, and there a point in development where you have to stop adding new things, and instead polish what you got. That doesn stop ideas from happening though haha and there was one idea, in particular, that I would really love to try:

Canada Goose Parka We had an idea for a world scale demigod where the inside of the world was the inside of its stomach. Instead of water, the oceans were stomach acids and damaged the player Canada Goose Parka.

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